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We are a happily married couple of 25 years. I have 43 years with a good 5up size 8 figure. My husband is 47 and normal in most things. Let 5up me tell you a story about how our sex life changed forever. Since we are married for so long that we tried many positions and places. some other successful, it is not. However, recently my husband has started talking about his fantasy of a threesome. Now, first I was stunned. Another woman I'm not really interested in than I thought. Then he told me his imagination with another man should have. Well, I thought it a bit odd. We talked about it, and when they had sex, he began playing fantasy. This 5up was the beginning to turn, I must admit that many 5up orgasms at 5up the thought of four hands, two languages ​​and two roosters that satisfies me. o reasonable in our marriage, I was willing to play 5up with this. How many women out there, with the advice of the imagination to keep in the bedroom, as things get complicated when they read about the trade. Now, we finally have a weekendin a rural hotel. One of the boys away, refresh the batteries Article Like most of you with children know sex with them is difficult in the house. And slippery, hard sex, hard fucking impossible. So I prepared as usual for our trip. Shaved pussy with a nice soft touch, filled with a sexy dress and a vibrator, and we went a few days. On the way I told my husband who is a special package, dinner, golf, massages and all that was included. I love playing golf, and the idea of ​​a relaxing massage and it was great. arrived at the hotel and checked into a large room. Big Huge 6 foot bed, whirlpool bath and luxury every day. started 5up playing golf, and returned to the hotel for our massage. Now my husband is usually the treatment and suggested that the bar and let us girls get to work. , but this time the therapist came to our room with edible oils, etc. 5up It was a complete man. The forty-one real eye-catcher. bo gooddy and I like most women secretly checks his crotch. Awesome, I thought. Seeing my hesitation, my husband decided to stay, so I feel comfortable. I have many treatments in recent years 5up had, but this was the first time I had met a male therapist. Well, it was packed already and in my bathrobe, so it was slow, his face down on the massage table, slipping my coat on my back and shoulders. The therapist fully covered me with a warm towel for me. Then he began to think of the best massage I 've ever experienced. I soon lost all over the world, lost in relaxation, relaxed, all my pain. My husband always gives me a massage, but he and I know it's not very good. As something of an opportunist as he, I have to see a massage for the first time he asked if I could get some tips to help you improve. 5up Of course, the therapist said, here to put a little oil and rub like me in this page. WOW sky. The feeling was incredible men, two massage meat the same time. My pussy was very wet and beginining always soak my underwear. I looked at my husband and saw he was wearing a high-capacity hard, slowly turned my head to the other side I was greeted with a similar vision. My husband looked at me and I know 5up how well I knew I was very excited. suggested that the therapist should I turn around, like the back was definitely now. I turned around and removed the towel. Sun expose my large breasts with hard nipples rock. My husband gave me a kiss on the 5up lips and then made ​​his way to my left nipple. Sucking and licking. Then the other nipple was sucked into this strange man. Oh sweet mother was amazing. My hands fondle my nipples sucked and then with a finger in my pants teasing my lips. Then I felt deep within me to build from. I had a massive orgasm wave after wave of pleasure came over me. My juices shot everything 5up with your fingers as if lifted from my orgasm. Then my HUSBand 5up pulled his clothes, quickly followed by the other. Oh, what a great view. To my left, the six-inch model was 5up used to, but my right was the biggest cock you 'd ever want. There were at least 10 inches long and when I got to play was that there were at least 5up 4 inches thick at the base. My husband quickly went over my head and fed his cock into my mouth. In doing so I felt a tongue on the lips of my pussy. Licking, teasing me. wow this guy was eating super pussy, I quickly turned and swallowed all my juice. My cock husbands began to shake in my mouth as I licked and sucked him. To eat the eyes of another human being, I, my taste was too much. I took his cock in my mouth moved and pushed deep into my vagina and licked. As I saw this huge cock now moved to my room waiting mouth. Oh, it was amazing, I pulled back the foreskin and slowly ran my tongue over the head. Lick a little milk before aFirst start slowly sucking cock beautiful. All the while my pussy is slowly fucked my husband. His cock began to get stronger, faster, deeper, his punches pushed my head forward and down on his cock. Then I felt that give a final push, as he shot his sperm deep into my vagina. That was too quick and orgasm again. Then, when I was to give up my husband's cock tail of the other was taken from my mouth and slowly rubbed up and down my pussy. I was shocked when I felt his way slowly to me. Stretch my pussy like never before. Slowly in and out a little more with each thrust. My husband pulled his cock from my mouth and was surprised to see that she had recovered so quickly. The expression on his face as he watched the monster came into my pure extacy. Oh hell, it was great, filled me slowly, I felt another orgasm building and then came the massive wash me, my juices were running out of me. They mingle with some of my husbands come alubricant nd me so well. Then I felt it. It was all the way to the big hits balls against my ass. Faster, deeper. Waves of orgasm came over me, tell how long, how many, I could not keep my cock in the mouth of the husband and I cried with joy lost, fuck me, fuck me, yes, I cried. It was too much for my poor husband, as he stroked his cock and shot off all his hair and face. He did not care or even feel, as I was ramming the huge cock in pussy heaven. Then I felt tense and preparation that went deep inside me. Shooting streak after jet of his semen inside me. I come back, when I felt the sauce so shoot. I looked at my husband was lying in bed stroking his cock and looked at me the hell out of my life. Because I 5up felt that big cock in my pussy wanted more, needed more, needed to return. From that moment, or my beautiful cock was hard and there was a man I just gutted s fuckedilly. Take the initiative. Move the bed I put my leg over my husband spread rapidly, and lowered my pussy fucked well below his smiling face. He immediately began to lick and suck on my swollen lips. All tasting, sliding his tongue inside me, I come back. How did all of my pussy pump, what seemed like gallons of milk into his mouth. She covered her face when I got in a while. That's when I closed my body is weak, I slipped by him and saw his smiling face all covered in a mixture of our juices. Of course, my face is dirty 5up pussy had the desired effect, such as rock, hard cocks both again. took a few minutes during which time he kissed and licked caressed by both men to recover. Then I moved over and over the top of my beautiful stranger his big cock slid deep into my vagina. Up and down slowly to control the time, the relief that big cock growing on me. Then I felt my husband backsome just me and lubricating a finger into my virgin ass. I looked over my shoulder and smiled and gave me permission to take my ass cherry. That's always been one of his fantasies with a pussy full of cock and I was more than willing to go along with anything. slowly slid into me, deeper and deeper into my ass. I felt the two cocks fucking me at the same time. The feeling was wonderful and the emotions so overwhelming that I just came and went, as she caught me. I felt that coming and coming shooting his sperm deepin me. A cock in my pussy and a cock in the ass. Reached old age and therefore has i. When she 5up withdrew 5up from me thanks to my husband and my therapist for the best massage of my life. The masseuse left soon after, but not before I read your phone number. Soon need massages. PS for all you women out there, pressing the rules can sometimes be very rewarding. We are even planning a trip together.
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